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Your  Best Health, Fitness, Wellness, and  Confidence!
With over $50,000 worth of coaching and mentoring each year, you can watch trainings, request specific coaching topics, download notes, and even ask Celeste your own questions!
Step-by-Step Coaching 
inclusive of:
Mindset, Self-Love Confidence, and Long Term Success Building
 Strategies, coaching, and action steps to begin focusing on Building More than Just a Body by emphasizing the importance and the effectiveness of mindset work around training, nutrition, self-love, self-confidence, and long term success. 
Wellness Coaching
Discover all the dimensions of wellness and how to incorporate them into your own life for a higher, overall state of well-being.
Behavior Change Modification Planning
How to change your behavior for good with a full behavior modification plan fit for any behavior change necessary and implementation steps
Provide you the month’s training program
Specific instruction on how to make the program work for your level and your specific goals with full trainings on how to pick the right number of sets, reps, and weights and modifications and advanced movements to achieve the results you desire no matter where you begin or where you are in your journey.
 Exercise Video Library with full instruction on proper form, movement patterns, and explanation.

Nutritional Guidance and Planning Tools
Sample Meal Plans based on different goals such as losing fat, gaining muscle mass, or even maintaining!
 Full training on how to construct your best meal plan based on what your body needs to achieve the goals you desire.

 The tools I use to generate my Premium 1:1 coaching clients nutritional base
 Full Grocery List, Food Options, and Recipes!
 Macronutrient Guide and Calculator

Start Living your most Empowered, Free, and Healthy Lifestyle!
Continuous result generation as you apply your coaching every week!
You will receive
  • New strategies, new tools and action steps, a rewired mindset around fitness, a renewed love for yourself and the journey, and a revamped level of confidence. 
You will receive
  • Aesthetic results matched by your confidence, wellbeing, new found mindset, and total shift around your journey to Building More than Just a Body.
You will receive
  • The real solution to a healthy, happy, painless, sustainable, long term journey.
  • Why spend years and years, and thousands of dollars that I’ve spent to get results, when you can just have access to everything I have learned, everything I have mastered, and everything I have developed to receive ultimate success in fitness, health, lifestyle, wellness, and of course inner strength, mindset practices, and total confidence?  
Here are just a few examples of what you'll learn:
How to Set Goals and Actually Achieve them
How to Train, Eat, and Think for any Result/Goal that you Have (Strength, Fat Burn, Muscle Gaining and Fat Burning, Maintenance etc.)
Developing your Daily Success Ritual
How to Respond to Situational Eating 
Untapped fitness, nutrition, and result hacks
Meditations and Visualizations
How to become an intuitive eater
Learn how to achieve mind muscle connection
How to Empower your Journey to come from a Place of Ease and Flow
How to Overcome Fear and Other Negative Emotions
Remove Negative Self-Talk and Low Self-Esteem
7 Dimensions of Wellness and how to Develop Your Wellbeing
How to Make a healthy, fit lifestyle fit YOU
Step by Step Action Plans for Behavior Modification 
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Perfect for starting, improving, or uplevelling your fitness, lifestyle, health, wellness, behavior, mindset, self-love, and confidence no matter where you are right now!
Meet Your Mentor: 
Celeste Rains-Turk; 
-Online Fitness Coach, Self-Love, Confidence, and Mindset Mentor
-Creator of Building More than Just a Body
-Author of #1 Amazon Best Seller “Believe Your way to Badass- the Interactive Guide to Redefining Your Beliefs, Developing Your Self-Love, and Manifesting your way to your Best Most Badass Self”
Celeste is on a mission to help others start Building More than Just a Body by emphasizing the importance of self-love, confidence, mindset, wellness development, behavior change modification planning, and long term success strategies all coming together with the proper training and nutrition programs. 

Celeste is on a mission to help others be, achieve, and have anything they desire in life which she believes is 100% possible with the proper focus and mindset.

She believes everyone deserves to embody and radiate confidence in who they truly are, everyday.

This training is a gift. With people who are paying over $50,000 a year to access this training, it is unheard of to access this quality of impactful training for such a small investment. 

All Celeste Rains-Turk asks for in return is to please apply it. Follow the training every week, get to work on it, apply it, master it. 

Then go out there and use your results with your compounding success to create the body you love at the level you personally take pride in.

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