Make Peace with Food WITHOUT Sacrificing your Goals as a Competitor 

Just Imagine What You Could Accomplish as an Athlete if Every Prep and Improvement Season You Had was Effective, Fulfilling, Bingeless, and Guiltless?!  

Are You...

Ready to End...
  • Binging
  • ​Neverending Thoughts of Food
  • ​Being 'Out of Control'
  • Distracting Negative Self-Talk
  • ​Overwhelming Fear and Anxiety Around Food, at Social Events, and with Other People's Judgement
  • Going to War with Yourself at the End of Every Day Promising to 'Get Back on Plan Tomorrow'
  • ​Dreading Check-ins with your Coach because you 'Went off Plan Again'
  • ​​Constantly Doubting your Ability to Succeed in Bodybuilding because you 'lack discipline and willpower especially around trigger foods'? (hello nut butters and cookies)
  • ​Feeling 'Stuck and Lost in an Ugly Cycle' with NO Idea How to Get Out because 'Nothing is Working!'
  • ​Believing that you can 'Literally Never Have The Foods You Love Again' because they are 'Dangerous Triggers' for You
  • The ​Nagging Disgust with Yourself and Your Body
Done With...
  • ​Overwhelming Fear and Anxiety Around Food, at Social Events, and with Other People's Judgement
  • Thinking you will NEVER be able to Step On Stage Again? (Ever or Again?)
  • ​Letting the Scale Dictate your Day
  • ​Going to War with Yourself Every Night Swearing to 'Get Back on Plan Tomorrow' but Somehow Always Disappointing Yourself?
  • Sabotaging your Success and Potential as a Competitor
Having an unhealthy relationship with food is exhausting, distracting, and detrimental to our goals of succeeding in bodybuilding, ESPECIALLY long-term!  
Not to worry though, there is a solution!

Hi! I'm Celeste Rains-Turk and I developed this program using my signature PTG process which combines personal development and psychology to help competitors make peace with food, their body, and their goals so they can become the BEST competitor they can be in every season.

In a Nutshell:
  • Personal Development, Self-Love, Food Freedom and Mindset Coach
  • ​National Certified Counselor
  • B.A. Psychology - Notre Dame College Magna Cum Laude
  • ​M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Summa Cum Laude
  • Associates in Science Degree with an emphasis in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics
  •  #1 Best-Selling Self-Help Author of 'Believe your way to Badass' 
  •  Host of the 'Confessions of a Bikini Pro' Podcast 
  •  NPC Bikini Competitor 
  •  NASM CPT 
  • Curriculum Vitae
Celeste Rains-Turk helps Competitors make peace with food, their body and their goals using psychology, personal development, mindfulness, and her signature PTG process

Throughout her time earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, she focused her research, reports, and studies on eating disorders, body image, self-concept, mindfulness, and personal growth.

While studying, she became a sought after coach in the personal development world and went on to write a #1 Best-Selling Self-help book, ‘Believe your way to Badass’.

She then obtained her Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling to bring even greater support, knowledge, and education to competitors so they can receive even deeper help from someone who gets it and doesn't believe you have to stop competing to heal what mentally ails you.

After experiencing the post-show blues herself, healing her own negative relationship with food and learning to love her body at every stage, Celeste made it her mission to help other competitors Build More than Just a Body.

She launched into the competition world with her podcast, ‘Confessions of a Bikini Pro’ to have real, raw, and vulnerable conversations to show all competitors that even the most elite professionals have their ups and downs.

Celeste is passionate about changing the industry so that competitors can have fulfilling journeys both on prep and in the improvement season.
She believes that by prioritizing the inner work and developing a healthy mindset, competitors can have a more fulfilling journey.

Celeste knows the mental side of this sport is key to establishing longevity in this sport, ending the yo-yoing from show to show, and establishing goals that span beyond the stage.
Have You Ever been told "you can't heal your relationship with food unless you STOP competing"? 

Feel like you are a 'lost cause'? 

Don't want to stop competing in the sport you love but also don't want to continue down this rabbit hole that is setting you back in life, emotions, and potential for success on stage? 

Ready to get to the root of your relationship with food, understand your habits and behaviors, and make lasting changes that will drive you forward in your competition goals as well as your life?
You CAN Get Through This...


You deserve to have successful preps, productive improvement seasons, and peace of mind year round. When your head is full of thoughts of food, eating, or guilt you can't invest that energy into the goals you truly care about. 

Which is a big reason why I launched this program AND why it has been my most highly demanded program; to help competitors like you make peace with food so they can pursue the sport they love for the long run without having to worry about sacrificing their mental health.
Don't Just Take My Word For It...

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How Reprogramming Stress, Identifying Triggers, Facing Fear, and Having a Positive & Hopeful Community Helped Jayla Begin her Journey to Food Freedom


This is a program developed by a passionate competitor, for other competitors. 

I don't believe you need to give up your passion or love for this sport to mend your relationship with food. But I do believe that in order to pursue your passion and love for this sport, you have to mend your relationship with food. 

This program is not just about making peace with food, but it is also about learning new habits, behaviors, thought processes, sabotage combatives, action steps, and tools that will help you for the rest of your life and career in this sport.

We don't just dig into your relationship with food, because this is complex. I also work with you through body image related issues, goal enhancement and connection so it is easier to stay on track and be disciplined, personal development work that will align your mindset with the most successful version of yourself (hello first callouts, pro cards, prestigious stages, and oh ya, self-fulfillment on a whole new level!)

My 1:1 approach ensures that you get the support YOU need in addition to the proven tools and systems I have in the journal from the initial deep dive into your current relationship with food, to the mealtime rituals, daily reflections, and call structure.

What Happened to Your Discipline? Your Willpower? Your Control?All that Commitment you had on Prep but have Somehow completely Lost? And How Will You Bring Your Best to the Stage if you Keep Cheating on your Prep Protocol!?

What if I told you...

It isn't about discipline or willpower at all?
That those things absolutely STILL live within you?
The problem is that your approach to resolve your problems is the approach that perpetuates them...?

Let me guess, you have tried to CONTROL EVERYTHING you do including: 

  • Tracking every macro
  • ​Eating only chicken and veg
  • ​Performing a burial for the food you just 'can't stop eating'
  • ​Throwing out all the peanut butter
  • ​Getting on a new plan
  • ​Doing extra cardio or swear to just take these macros from tomorrow
  • ​Restricting
  • ​Having calculated refeed meals instead of cheat or free meals because you can't 'trust yourself'
  • ​Giving up on intuitive eating days because you just end up eating everything only to swear tomorrow will be better
  • ​Contemplating sleeping in a strait jacket to keep you from going to the kitchen AGAIN
  • ​Getting out of the house because the thoughts of food keep haunting you
  • ​Saying no to going out with friends because 'too many temptations'
  • ​Avoiding anxiety at parties with 'I have plans' or 'I can only stay for a little'
  • ​Stopping check-ins with your coach until you 'get back on track'

I really don't think I need to go this point you get it and I get it. It is not fun, it's not pretty, it is certainly isolating, and it most definitely isn't getting you any closer to your goals as a competitor.

AND IT NEVER EVEN WORKS!!! You just end up going through the same cycle of binge behavior, guilt, restrict, binge behavior, guilt, restrict...Sound familiar?

I know, because I have been there, I have seen others there, and I have helped myself and others through this. 

Apply for the Food Relationship Healing & Discovery Program and Finally...

End the overeating, binge like behavior, and constant going off plan
Silence the neverending thoughts about food
Say Goodbye for Good to Guilt, Shame, Doubt, and Never Enoughness
Stop the cycle once and for all!

Hear From Others Who Committed & Finally Made Peace...

From Overeating Oreos, Non-Stop Thinking About Food, and Disarray to Complete Freedom, Peace of Mind, Trust and Happiness; Arianna Share's Her Story

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Brittany Shares her Struggle after competing in the Arnold Amateur and how the program helped her find tools to overcome the setbacks of a negative mindset


  • Scale Workshop and Workbook: transform the way you feel about the scale, weigh ins, and check ins
  • Ideal Life Coaching Series & Workbook: Learn how to set your life up with this 6 day guided series and video trainings on how to set your life up for the most success aligning your identity with your daily habits. Day 1: Success, Failure, & Identity. Day 2: Overcoming Blocks & Sabotage. Day 3: How to Systemize your Life in the Most Efficient and Effective Way. Day 4: Prioritizing Service to People who Matter Most to You. Day 5: Learning from the Past, Processing Difficulty with Pursuit for Greatness in Improvement. Day 6: Immediate Application
  • Body Image Workshop & Guided Meditation
  • ​Food n Mood Chart: Understand & Overcome Emotional Eating
  • ​Hunger & Fullness Scale: Learn your Body in any and Every Phase with Your Unique Scale
  • ​100 Day Habit Tracker with Goal Identification & Defining 
  • Goal Prioritization & Due Date: Printable & Reusable Outline for Success in ANY Goal, Project, or Focus in your Life
  • ​Morning Journal Sheet: Daily Ritual to Support Attuning your Focus, Intentions, and Needs for the Day with your Best Self
  • ​Night time Routine Guide: A step by step process to making your personal nighttime routine

Even More Experiences from Amazing Women like YOU...

Already convinced? Scroll all the way down to see FAQ and How it Works/What to Expect!

So Now that you KNOW the Program Works

Here's how to get started and what to expect...

Step by step...
  • ​Apply for this Program by clicking here 
  • ​Watch your email inbox over the course of 1 business day
  • ​I will be reviewing your application and if I can help you I will reach out to you with follow up questions and to discuss how that might look, If I do not believe I can help you, I will refer you to someone else or other options
  • ​We will discuss in more detail your personal situation--I take a custom approach to everyone I work with. While the system is the same, the calls and daily coaching is tailored to YOU and therefore it is very important for me to know exactly what your needs are before deciding I can 100% help you, which is why this is an application only program
  • ​If you and I both decide it will be a great fit for you and will pay off in the long run, you will make the investment and commitment to work with me over the course of 5 weeks
  • ​You will receive the PTG process Food Relationship Journal along with Initial Action Steps and a few dates and times for your first 1:1 call which normally happens 2 weeks into the 5 week program (your second call happens at the 4 week mark). You also have access to group coaching calls every month within and beyond your five weeks.
  • ​You complete the action steps and send to me for my review
  • ​You begin the mealtime rituals and daily reflections as outlined in the journal 
  • ​You receive any bonus content and material I have for you that I think will be beneficial for you or of interest to you given your expressed situation which is also accessible anytime in the client portal.
  • ​We work together day in and day out to mend your relationship with food, get to the root, and develop new and healthier habits, behaviors, and most importantly thought patterns (neural pathways).


Do I have to stop the meal plan or macro protocol I follow in order to complete this program?

You do not have to give up your meal plan, macros, or any work you are doing with your coach to follow this program. I created this with competitors in mind which means, I will not be stepping on you or your coach's toes. I may make suggestions, but I will never require you to change anything about your meal plan or macros, that is up to your coach. I go beyond surface level because it isn't so much about the food as it is why you are eating it or feeling the way you do about it. In extreme cases, I may recommend you get in touch with a new coach or nutrition professional.

Do you work with non-competitors?
YES! If you are a good fit and willing to commit to the program I do work with lots of non-competitors!! Some of them have been featured in the testimonials throughout this page :)

Why do I have to apply?

I take the work I do seriously and believe that every individual coming to me needs to be understood and worked with on a personal and private level. I HAVE to make sure I can help you and that it is within my expertise to do so. I do not want to just take on anyone because it is important to me that you get the help you need and so do all my other clients. 

I limit the amount of people I work with monthly because it is a highly collaborative process. I am in this with you every day, have lots of reviewing and note taking to do, create action steps and plans just for you, and I build our calls around your needs, background, experiences, and struggles. If I let everyone in, I would be doing a disservice. If I feel I can help you I will let you know and we will discuss how to move forward, if I don't feel I can help you I will refer you to someone else or provide other resources. 

Does it take up a lot of my time every day?

This program is 5 weeks and it is an intensive program meaning we are working together day in and day out to get you the results you are looking for. I expect you to be all in with me every day for 5 weeks. I have developed an 'On the Go' Version of the Program Protocols for those days where you may not be able to pause and complete the rituals before eating. Many of the nurses, moms, full time students, and business owners I have had in this program appreciate the on-the-go version.

How long will it take before I start feeling at peace with food?
Timing varies for everyone. Some people experience results day one and can't even believe it, others experience results after the first two weeks, most experience results daily and even continue working with me after the program to continue working on their personal development and mindset. 

Can I do this with a friend or significant other? 
You can absolutely do this with someone else. However, the program itself is 1:1 for a reason. While the journal you receive for the program can benefit anyone, it is my review of the journal, daily check ins and feedback, as well as the 1:1 calls where we really nail what the individuals needs are. Issues like this are not well-defined, meaning, your needs and someone else's needs are going to vary because the root causes or driving behaviors and mindsets vary.

Are There Other Mentors or Professionals who See my Communications or Hear our Calls?
NO! I am running a solo ship, we are working 1:1 and there are no assistant coaches or mentors supporting this. The only time your coaching might be done with others present is when you show up for the monthly group calls and choose to share or ask for support there or within the Client only Facebook group. The mentorship you receive is directly from me along with the communication throughout the program. 

Will I get results like the ones in your testimonials section?

I would be surprised if you didn't. The clients I have worked with who trust me, the process, and the program and commit to the work day in and day out get results. Some of the testimonials shared above are from girls who even rated themselves as 80% committed to the program. Imagine being a 100% committed client. While I cannot guarantee results, I believe in my system and continuously adjust and redevelop the program based on feedback. 

Will this help me long-term or will I have to keep redoing this?

The goal of this program is to quickly and effectively integrate new habits, thought patterns, beliefs, and behaviors into your life so you won't experience the issues again. It is not a treatment program or cure all of course, but most of my clients leave without experiencing the issues again. In follow ups, my girls have reported that if it does come up they are glad they have the tools and lessons within them to address it now. Plus they have the ongoing support of the Private Facebook Group for as long as they (and you) want. So you can still get support and connect with others as well as myself!
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