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Make Peace with Food WITHOUT Sacrificing your Goals as a Competitor 
You deserve to have successful preps, productive improvement seasons, and peace of mind year round. 
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When your head is cluttered with thoughts of food, eating, or guilt, you have less energy to invest into the goals you truly care about.  

This Free Program is Designed to Help Athletes like you Develop a Healthy Relationship with Food So You Can Have Your Most Fulfilling and Effective Preps, Improvement Seasons, and Lifestyle

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  • Discovering Your Ideal Relationship With Food (without external influence telling you what is right or wrong)
  • How to Identify & Shift Detrimental Thought & Behavior Patterns Around Food (you know, like the 'all or nothing', 'already messed up', 'cannot trust myself around_', 'I will be back on point tomorrow', 'it is ok, I can work this off later' type of thinking and behaving)
  • Overcoming Guilt & Shame so Every Decision Can be Made with Intention & Pride (aside from the psychology of guilt, we will even get into the physiological impact that guilt can bring to your body when you bring it to and from the table)
  • Using Expectations & Reinforcements to Seamlessly Manipulate Your Behavior Around Food (I like to think of this one as dog training for your mind without the whole 'you need more discipline and willpower' spiel that I am sure you have found doesn't work for you)
  • Figuring out what you are Really Craving when you are sleeve deep in another jar of peanut butter or justifying the next cookie (it isn't really about the food afterall. Otherwise, you wouldn't still struggle when you throw it away, stand near it at a party, or are offered it by a friend, it goes so much deeper...)
  • ​Becoming Crystal Clear on Why You Act, Think, and Live the Way You Do so You Can Act, Think, and Live the Way you WANT to (because who doesn't want to know why they do what they do? and of course by expanding our views on what is possible in our reality we can help our brain see that a new reality is possible!)
  • ​Coming Up with Personal Commitments Rooted in Positive Psychology Based on Your Current Season (this is the part where we work together to find ways for you to build off of all your main takeaways but also discuss our continued work together in my 1:1 food relationship healing & discovery program-just keeping it real. my intention is to give you SO much in this 8 day free program that you realize you can accomplish even more with proper expert guidance, support, and a proven method)



You can reply to each email and receive feedback, support, kudos, and insight directly from me as you go throughout the program!


I WANT YOU TO MAXIMIZE YOUR RESULTS! In addition to the daily mentorship, I will also be providing you with a downloadable/printable workbook to use throughout the entirety of the program!

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Overcome Mindless Eating & Learn to Trust Yourself Around Food
Meet Your Mentor
In a Nutshell:
  • Personal Development, Self-Love, Food Freedom and Mindset Coach
  • B.A. Psychology - Notre Dame College
  • ​M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Summa Cum Laude
  • ​National Certified Counselor
  • Associates in Science Degree with an emphasis in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics
  •  #1 Best-Selling Self-Help Author of 'Believe your way to Badass' 
  •  Host of the 'Confessions of a Bikini Pro' Podcast 
  •  NPC Bikini Competitor 
  •  NASM CPT 
Celeste Rains-Turk helps Competitors make peace with food, their body and their goals using psychology, personal development, mindfulness, and her signature PTG process

Throughout her time earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, she focused her research, reports, and studies on eating disorders, body image, self-concept, mindfulness, and personal growth.

While studying, she became a sought after coach in the personal development world and went on to write a #1 Best-Selling Self-help book, ‘Believe your way to Badass’.

She then obtained her Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling to bring even greater support, knowledge, and education to competitors so they can receive even deeper help from someone who gets it and doesn't believe you have to stop competing to heal what mentally ails you.

After experiencing the post-show blues herself, healing her own negative relationship with food and learning to love her body at every stage, Celeste made it her mission to help other competitors Build More than Just a Body.

She launched into the competition world with her podcast, ‘Confessions of a Bikini Pro’ to have real, raw, and vulnerable conversations to show all competitors that even the most elite professionals have their ups and downs.

Celeste is passionate about changing the industry so that competitors can have fulfilling journeys both on prep and in the improvement season. She believes that by prioritizing the inner work and developing a healthy mindset, competitors can have a more fulfilling journey.

Celeste knows the mental side of this sport is key to establishing longevity in this sport, ending the yo-yoing from show to show, and establishing goals that span beyond the stage.

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