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18 ways to Love Yourself
Hey Hey!
I am so glad you decided to come check this out, let me start off by saying that I totally 'get' where you are at.

5 years ago I could have really used something like this, which is why I have set out on a mission to help more people, like you, to truly love and appreciate the entirety of your being using the tools and systems I have created from knowledge, experience, and expertise I have gained on my own path.

I am so excited to introduce you to some of the most influential self-love expressions I have ever used in my own healing journey through depression, anxiety, unhealthy food relationships, toxic friendships, and honestly just the journey that is LIFE.

Through trial and error in my own journey I learned that loving yourself goes so much further than affirmations or hugs.

Expressing love through action is the most powerful way to embody the energy of love so it radiates through you and allows you to emit a vibrational frequency out into the world that magnetizes even more positive energy to flow effortlessly to you!

In this guide I give you 18 reusable, never gets old, always feels amazing, fulfilling, and totally freeing ways to love yourself beyond the usual surface level solutions.

We all could use a little more self-love every day and I truly believe that the more love we have within, then the more love we can radiate out into the world, and thus the more love we can receive (Who would argue with more love in this world and in their soul anyways?)

Which is why I have put together this self-love printable so you can have a tool to see every day to not only remind you to love up on yourself but to also give you ideas on how to do so!

I recommend framing this, keeping it by your desk, screen shotting it for your phone, or hanging it on your mirror so you can receive the reminders you need (and totally deserve) every day!

Soon, loving yourself will become SECOND NATURE because you will trust your intuitive guide, your soul, to lead you to LOVING actions that enhance your human experience.
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