Wish you had a place you could go to ease your mind, help you understand your struggle, and find a solution immediately?
INTRODUCING...The First & ONLY Online Platform for Competitors to Receive INSTANT Access to Support, Guidance, and Mentorship Based on a Mental Struggle they are Facing
As a competitor, your mindset is tested and challenged in new ways daily both in prep and during your improvement season. This platform was created for competitors like you to visit at ANY time to be given effective tools to immediately work through whatever it is they're struggling with at a competitor friendly price.
STEP 1: Register for Access to the Platform
Once you create your membership and gain access to the platform, you will be immediately presented with the first question, 'Prep or Improvement Season?' This will determine the end result / your solution so make sure you choose the season you are in/most similar to your current phase.

Based on what challenges you are facing, you will then be given 5 different choices to select from for you to choose which category is most relevant to your struggle;

Body Image
Relationship with Food
Negative Self-Talk

After that you will be prompted with another question asking you more questions specific to the category you chose. 

For example, you might feel like you are struggling with body image during your improvement season. So you land on the platform, choose 'improvement season' then choose 'body image' then select from a drop down list which will include options like 'feeling fat/fluffy, I hate my body', etc. 

You will select the option that is most similar to how you feel/how you would describe your current dilemma.

From there you will be directed to an instant solution along with some resources. The type of solution may be different based on your previous choices. Some examples include; video workshops, meditations, journaling prompts, step by step actions through the problem, and more. You will just have to wait and find out, the possibilities are endless! And you will even be able to request topics

And just like that, the problem feels and becomes conquerable!

With the monthly log-in code, you will be able to have unlimited access to the platform for as long as you choose to receive the help and support you need as a competitor. It is a membership platform so you can cancel, resubscribe, or pause anytime at no extra cost to you.

Here's What You Get When You Join:

  • 24/7 Access to the Platform for Immediate Support and Unlimited Usage Always
  • 40+ different inner work exercises, practices, prompts, workshops, and tools at your fingertips
  • Easy to Use on Mobile and Desktop
  • ​Downloadable, Printable, and Mobile Friendly Modules 
  • ​BONUS: Support Group Full of Other Competitors who are using my PTG Processes to Build More than Just a Body with you with Extra support from Celeste

All of this for Only $0.32/day if you join now!

There is No Other Platform that Exists for Competitors to Receive Instant, On-Demand, Around the Clock Mindset Mentorship and Support
Which is exactly why I created it...
Hi, I am Celeste Rains-Turk, I included a section below to formally introduce myself but felt like now would be a good time to tell you why I decided to make this platform.
As a Mindset, Self-Love, and Personal Development Coach to competitors all over the world, I have been presented with many struggles that needed immediate guidance to work through and sometimes even a simple, straight solution. 

Needless to say, I have a lot of resources and a passion for helping competitors make peace with food, their body, and their goals at every season so they can Build More than Just a Body

Being a competitor myself I can definitely say I wish something like this existed when I started.

But, lucky for you, I went through a LOT of these struggles that forced me to find solutions so now, you don't have to!

I immersed myself into personal development, earned a degree in Psychology, and even invested in my own mentors, therapists, and coaches. You can read more about that below.  I am also earning my M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling now!

The point is, I made this so that if you are in a pinch, don't know what to do, feel lost, can't stand the weight on your shoulders any longer, or just need the mental boost as an elite athlete, you will ALWAYS have a place to go to receive INSTANT support.

I take mental health seriously.

Which is why I believe time is of the essence and you deserve a solution or some support immediately.

Of course, this platform is a great way to introduce you to my coaching beliefs, philosophies, approaches, and even my signature PTG process that I developed specifically for the work I do with competitors. 

So if you need further support and guidance or would like to dive even deeper to get to the root of a problem, I will always be a 'click' away :)
Don't Just Take My Word For It!
Hear from the Competitors, Pros, and Coaches in the Industry who are LOVING This
Lacy IFBB Pro and Owner of Bikini Competition Academy
Jen NPC Athlete
Brianna NPC Athlete
Melissa NPC Athlete
Meet the Creator and Coach Behind the Platform
In a Nutshell:
  • Personal Development, Self-Love, Food Freedom and Mindset Coach
  • B.A. Psychology - Notre Dame College
  • ​M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (current student set to graduate in 2022)
  • Associates in Science Degree with an emphasis in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics
  •  #1 Best-Selling Self-Help Author of 'Believe your way to Badass' 
  •  Host of the 'Confessions of a Bikini Pro' Podcast 
  •  NPC Bikini Competitor 
  •  NASM CPT 
Celeste Rains-Turk helps Competitors make peace with food, their body and their goals using psychology, personal development, mindfulness, and her signature PTG process

Throughout her time earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, she focused her research, reports, and studies on eating disorders, body image, self-concept, mindfulness, and personal growth.

While studying, she became a sought after coach in the personal development world and went on to write a #1 Best-Selling Self-help book, ‘Believe your way to Badass’.

After experiencing the post-show blues herself, healing her own negative relationship with food and learning to love her body at every stage, Celeste made it her mission to help other competitors Build More than Just a Body.

She launched into the competition world with her podcast, ‘Confessions of a Bikini Pro’ to have real, raw, and vulnerable conversations to show all competitors that even the most elite professionals have their ups and downs.

Celeste is passionate about changing the industry so that competitors can have fulfilling journeys both on prep and in the improvement season.
She believes that by prioritizing the inner work and developing a healthy mindset, competitors can have a more fulfilling journey.

Celeste knows the mental side of this sport is key to establishing longevity in this sport, ending the yo-yoing from show to show, and establishing goals that span beyond the stage.
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