Building More than Just a Body
Women's Summer Retreat

With: Celeste Rains-Turk

Best Selling Author. Fitness and Health Mentor, Self Love and Mindset Specialist.
Malibu, California
June 29-July 2nd
*6 Women Only*
What if I told you, I could take you on a 5-star retreat, and at the same time, help you to achieve the ultimate mind and body transformation?
What to expect: Transformative Experience!
Participants to the exclusive retreat will be introduced to my signature workouts and nutrition strategies, and you will also learn how mindset practices can impact your self confidence, personal successes, work-life flow and emotional balance in day to day life. 

The retreat is open to all women, but I will only be taking six participants who are ready to take this life changing weekend and turn it into a life long commitment to themselves.

I will also work with you one on one during the retreat to focus on more personal topics and challenges.

You can expect to walk away with more confidence, more freedom within your body, and more self-love. Everyone who comes will leave with a game plan and a true understanding of what it means to create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle full of love and fulfillment which allows you to feel in flow versus in a battle with yourself, food, the gym, and your body.  
That's right...

✔️Mindset for healthy living, success, well-being, and positive results in every area of your life.

✔️Nutrition from the inner work to the outside application we are covering healthy eating both on an emotional and a physical level. No confinements or slavery to diets.

✔️Exercise and Fitness. Covering how to create a plan that is perfect for you so you walk out of there knowing exactly what your next steps are. Working out together. Using the beautiful surroundings to enhance our physiology and body function. And lots of cool classes in store...

✔️Workshops. Each day will have deep soul work where we discuss the truth and beauty in living a truly fulfilling healthy lifestyle. Learn and apply. You know me, it's not just about teaching and knowing, it's about action we take with the knowledge and skills we acquire. Wellness, behavior, mindset, fitness, nutrition, life, success, all the works...

✔️One-on-One time. Everyone will get some time with me personally to really dive into whatever it is you choose. 

✔️Group support. Building a community of beautiful women from all over the world on the same journey growing together and uplifting one another. Women are so powerful when put together. Women's energies are absolutely amazing and our nurturing, loving, and badass spirits coming together will be unmatched. 

✔️Your retreat. Not mine. When you sign up I have an in depth form to fill out all about YOU. So we can get the most out of the experience for you. 

✔️All inclusive. You choose/handle your travel. I cover the rest. 

✔️More...of course, there is always more... ☺