Breakdown the Barriers
Breakdown and Breakthrough the Barriers between you and Food. Discover what is truly holding you back from a beautiful relationship with food. 
Mend your Relationship with Food
MEND your current relationship with food so that YOUR BODY can guide you to make empowering choices WITHOUT the need or desire for rules and restrictions.
Open up to Your Intuitive Eater
Discover the voice of your soul that understands your body and the nourishment it needs. Realize the power of trusting your ability to fuel yourself. 
Find Balance
Feel comfortable around food, confident in your decisions on what you're eating (whether it's a cupcake or a carrot), trust your intuition, release fear of foods, and feel amazing about the food you choose to nourish yourself with daily. 
Everything you need to know:
During the 30 Day Food Freedom Academy...
We will be diving deep to breakdown, and mend your current relationship with food shifting you to lead a healthier, more empowering and freeing lifestyle.

The aim is to have you leave knowing that you can feel comfortable around food, feel confident in your decisions on what you're eating (whether it's a cupcake or a carrot), trust your intuition, release fear of foods, and feel amazing about the food you choose to nourish yourself with daily.

This program is not built to SHOW you how to eat but it is centered on MENDING your current relationship with food so that YOUR BODY will guide you to make even more empowering choices WITHOUT making you feel like you HAVE to avoid all the sweets or like you are a failure for taking a bite or going out.

This coaching program is inclusive of:
-1 weekly presentation workshop sent to you via email regarding that week's curriculum and teachings. 
-Notes/Workbook print out for each workshop to prepare beforehand for notes
-Notes following each workshop and action steps. 
-Specific mentored action steps sent directly to your inbox 3x a week with the other days emphasizing the implementation, action, release, and healing processes.
-Facebook Support Group Access
-Lifetime access (all material will be sent via email for your archiving and the Facebook group will remain open forever)
-Certificate Upon Completion of the Food Freedom Academy with Special Surprise

Who this is for:
-Anyone who struggles around or with food
-Anyone who fears foods or consciously and unconsciously avoids them out of anxiety
-Emotional Eaters
-Bingers or 'cheat meal' fanatics
-Food avoiders (not eating consistently)
-Anyone who follows Weird Food schedules or diets that are followed even when the body is dying for something else.
-People who always feel guilty after a meal
-People who feel like they 'have to work everything off'
-Anyone who feels they have developed or could potentially develop an unhealthy relationship with food.

Who this is not for:
-People who believe that diet, restriction, bingeing or starving is 'the preferred choice for results'
-People who don't think you can achieve a healthy body when creating Freedom with food. (Or maybe this is for you...if you're open to a change of heart)
-People who don't take action
-People who shame others for taking proactive action
-People looking for a quick fix or excuse to 'eat whatever they want and not gain weight'. (This is not a matter of breaking science; it's a matter of breaking up a terrible relationship with food to find balance and freedom)

What you need:
-Internet access (mobile device and computer friendly so wherever you are works for this program-no special requirements)
-Drive and Willingness to succeed
-Open mind and heart
-Ability to invest in yourself (continue reading for pricing)

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Meet Your Mentor
  •  B.A. Psychology Notre Dame College 
  •  Associates of Science Degree with an emphasis on Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics (Barton CC and Kansas State U) 
  •  Self-Love, Food Freedom, and Mindset Mentor 
  •  #1 Best-Selling Self-Help Author of 'Believe your way to Badass' 
  •  Host of the 'Confessions of a Bikini Pro' Podcast 
  •  NPC Bikini Competitor 
  •  NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  •  National Public Speaker
Celeste is on a mission to help others start Building More than Just a Body
by emphasizing the importance of self-love, confidence, mindset, 
wellness development, behavior change modification planning, 
and long term success strategies all coming together with the 
proper training and nutrition programs.  

Celeste is on a mission to help others be, achieve, and have anything 
they desire in life which she believes is 100% possible with the
 proper focus and mindset. 

She believes everyone deserves to embody and radiate confidence 
in who they truly are, everyday.
I am so excited to start this journey with you!
What Others are Saying...
Transforming my own Unhealthy Relationship with Food...
Insight into my own personal journey to inspire and help you in yours...
I had been so hard on myself (and in all honesty sometimes I still am) telling myself since I've been working on my fitness since 2012 things like:
 'I should have abs by now'
'even some of your clients have abs now'
'You are doing it all right but they aren't showing up, what's wrong with you?'
'Why am I still able to squeeze certain parts of my belly?'
'You should be doing x or y...'
And the list goes on.

Day to day, Aside from competition, I don't have blocky abs that stand out when I'm flexing (not right now anyways). I definitely don't have abs when I am not flexing. I don't have popping obliques or a non-grabbable belly.

But I'm sharing this with you because I actually love the fact that despite not having extremely visible abs or a poppin 6 pack; I am free.
--Free from the judgement that my fitness and health is solely based on having abs (still working on abs though)
--Free from the belief that because I don't have abs then 'I'm not good enough'
--Free from the comparison and jealousy of not having abs like that girl or that model.
--Free from feeling like it's because 'I am doing something wrong'
I struggled to admit that I have had issues with food. I'd tell myself things like:
--'You can't say that or people won't want to work with you'
--'If you have a bad relationship with food people will try to force things into your mind and down your soul when all you want is support and love'
--'You can't say you had a negative relationship with food because you've already supported it so much'
--'You can't admit that this is a problem because then youll seem like you don't get it'

Oh, I get it.

I definitely 'get it'
--Forcing myself to workout after every meal or snack I ate because I didn't want to 'eat too much'
--Forcing myself to never have a bite because 'I might as well have it all at that point' or 'It won't affect me but not having it will make me strong, disciplined, and I'll see better results'
--Forcing myself to eat asparagus or other foods that I actually don't enjoy or which hurt my body and the way it digests or functions.
--Forcing myself to only wear loose clothing because 'if I'm so fit I have to look really lean all the time'
--Forcing myself to wear tight tank tops while I ate so I wouldn't be 'too big or bloated after'
--Forcing myself to eat when I was bulking even when I wasn't hungry.
--Forcing myself to take on so many habits of the people with aesthetics I love without truly understanding that that is NOT a healthy relationship with food.

I finally forced myself to release this and recognize what i was truly doing, feeling, experiencing.

Just because I was fit, healthy, lean, strong, and felt awesome doesn't mean I had everything straight.

I see fit people promoting unhealthy food relationships every day. Sad thing? They aren't even aware of how massively unhealthy it is. (There are reasons for every decision and not all are bad or unhealthy and some are very purposeful based on situation so please don't take this out of context)

I am fit.
I am healthy.
I am strong.
I am lean.
I am building.
I am growing.

The difference?

I have a healthier relationship with food.
I am kind to myself and my body.
I listen and love myself.
I am not obsessive.
I am not forceful.
I am love.
I am love in the way of which I flow, I trust, I let go, I believe, I listen, and I treat myself.

I love myself enough to recognize I can have everything I desire in life with the proper focus and mindset.

I believe in Building More Than Just a Body through aligning inner work with physical results.

None of these realizations or breakthroughs could have happened without introspection.

Best part? I am shedding excess fat weight off healthfully while growing muscle mass. I am seeing better results in my fitness now than before.
 Freedom. Love. Choice. Honor. Respect. Mindset. Intuition/Trust.

None of this is actually reallyyyy about diet and exercise.

If it was you'd eat the healthier foods more often like you know you need to and you'd workout like you know you need to and you'd be on it.

But that's not it.

You are human.
You are much more than a physical being.

You are a deep soul, much deeper than surface level, which lives, breathes, and functions through a physically and beautifully manifested body.
So when I say it's about 'Building More than Just a Body' I mean it really, really is. Because YOU are so much more than that.

I am on a mission to help others achieve long term results by emphasizing the importance of mindset, self-love, self-confidence, and self-esteem building strategies alongside the proper training and nutrition regimen.

I believe in diving deep and truly recognizing and releasing anything limiting you or holding you back. I'm talking CORE deep. Things you may not even be able to fully spot or feel yourself. I'm talking serious layer shredding. Full on. Because I believe that the only way we can truly grow is by changing and the only way to truly change is to see where change is necessary.
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